On the occasion of it’s grand opening on September 1, 1928, the Courier Journal called the theatre, then known as the Loew’s and United Artists State theatre, an architectural marvel. “Enter and view with astonishment the magnificence that the hand of man has wrought. The more you look, the more you will see.” Designed by the noted architect, John Eberson, the theatre prospered through the early 70’s as a first run movie palace.
Rededicated in 1994, The Louisville Palace is alive and well, and the Louisville community is enriched by the multitude of exciting performances. Today, the name is synonymous with the finest in touring Broadway attractions, local, national, and international performing arts presentations, classic films, and concert engagements featuring contemporary, gospel, R&B, variety, comedy, and country artists. A treasure to generations of Louisvillians, the theatre’s legacy as Louisville’s grand Palace for entertainment continues!

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